Wine Threesome – Have an Orgy or Two!

Wine Threesome - Have An Orgy Or Two

Hello fuckers! How’s it hanging? Are you smashing it? Have you had an orgy lately? Well by the end of this you will be having one or two with a great wine threesome! So if you’re a real bloke, you’re going to like a drink or two right? If not, stop reading and go and man up mate 🙂

Still here? Great!

Everyone knows bigger is better. Less is not more, less is too little, and that’s not what we’re about here at the ‘Fo.

That’s why we’ve taken our super special, most favourite Kinda Independent drops and turned them into MAGNUM magic. All the more The Orgy, Old Money and Duck Sauce for you, our mofos.

Drink big or go home!

So what we’re offering you boys here is a


KIWC Treble Pack – 1.5L Wine Magnums!

Here’s what you get…

Duck Sauce

Someone start the slow quack…Duck Sauce is back! This is a Pinot Noir from the Yarra Valley. The blokes over at VinoMofo tell us that Duck Sauce will smack you in the face with sweetness then brings you back to earth will a savoury palate!

Sounds like the missus 🙂

So stop what you’re doing and get the lads together. Because we’re celebrating the return of Duck Sauce, a favourite Yarra pinot. The 2015 vintage is about to ruffle a few feathers!

Luke over in marketing hasn’t been known to go duck hunting, but has an awesome duck mating call apparently 🙂

The Orgy

This is the juiciest thing to cum from McLaren Vale! It sounds like 3 wines, but The Orgy is a hot and steamy blend of Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvedre.

Firstly there’s the Grenache and it’s straight into the main event, no foreplay necessary. If that doesn’t elicit enough of an orgasmic reaction, then there’s the Shiraz, followed by the Mourvedre.

Wow, look at how far the blokes over at McLaren Vale have cum!

This probably is the nearest that head bloke Paul has ever come to a threesome! 🙂

Old Money

If wine could drink wine, it would drink this shit!

Apparently if you’re not born holding this bottle of Cab Sav, it can be pretty hard to come by. Lucky for you, the winos here at Aussie Bloke Stuff have a Magnum with your name on it, waiting to be smashed at your next barbie!

Old Money was minted purely from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. The grapes are picked from vineyards of Coonawarra.

Meanwhile Will over in operations, hasn’t been seen smashing a case of red lately, but has been known to snaffle all the grapes! Rock N Roll Will 🙂

Are you ready for a threesome?

So mate, are you man enough to give this threesome a go?

Thought so!

Get on over to our online store today and get your order in before the climax is over!

See you there big guy 🙂