Top 5 Survival Blogs Every Aussie Bloke Should Read



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Australia’s Home of Adventure, Survival and Wilderness Gear. Adventure Survival Gear started as an idea in the mid 1990′s when a young naive Australian decided to travel the world. From the cities to the backcountry, to remote fishing villages to mountain villages, and parts of the world that rarely saw human beings. The idea was clear – to provide the best outdoor survival gear there is, and to be the first place those interested in adventure travel and extreme hiking come to.



Australian Peppers provides their reader with information and tools for Australians. Australian Preppers is an Australian Prepping community, building Australia’s largest Prepping Forum for preppers, survivalists and people interested in off-grid living and bushcraft.


When the blog claims that Modern Hiker is Southern California’s oldest and most-read hiking blog, they’re dead serious. In fact, there are quite a lot of institutions that recommend them as a credible and expert source of information when it comes to hiking. Recommendations for your next hike on SoCal and beyond? Modern Hiker can give you suggestions and tips; learn from a community of hikers, backpackers, campers, rock climbers and outdoor enthusiasts.



Exploring the world since 2010. Chris has been a student of the world – learning about traveling and sharing everything he has learned with those who want to discover the world too. He started as a budget traveller but his passion for his work enabled him to enjoy the expat lifestyle. It all starts with a goal and the only thing to achieve it is to invest in it. Get tips, advice and suggestions from an award winning travel blogger – don’t get stuck, move forward!