Ladies – Your Bloke Wants to Drive a Supercar For A Day!

Ladies - Your Bloke Wants to Drive a Supercar For A Day!

Hey fuckers! How’re ya going blokes? Welcome to our new blog page.Us blokes here at Aussie Blokes Stuff are going to share with you some awesome supercar stuff for aussie men. Not just men, but Aussie men – real men!

Are you a dad, who’s feeling a bit piss weak driving around in your family wagon lately? You love your kids right, but that bloody 7 seater or that SUV outside isn’t doing much for your inner commando right?

Who’s a petrol head here?

Hands up!

Well that’s pretty much all you ey?

So how would you and your mate like to spend a day revving it up for some adrenaline fueled action in a 2 million dollar supercar?

How’d you like to get out of your HSV or your FPV for a real bloke experience and drive around in a Ferrari, Maseratti or a Porsche for the day?

Now if you’re tearing it up in your convertable MX-5 that’s OK too. Just ask your missus first if it’s OK to go out for the day! You might need to get one of those application forms hey 😀

So who needs a day away from the missus and the kids for a high octane, high revving, horse power fun packed day? Just you and your best mate? Or maybe your missus loves the thrust of a Black Stallion as much as you do hey 🙂

But that’s another story!

So take her along if you’re mate would rather stay at home with his Playstation Supercars game. The wimp 😉

So I’m guessing you’re like – show me the fucking buy now button right? Hold your horses for a minute mate!

Here’s the deal right!

You and your mate (or your missus), whoever is man enough, get to spend the day in Sydney. You’re both going to experience a full drive day in a supercar. A 2 million dollar supercar, that’s going to make your Commodore SS seem like a Ford Festiva by the time you’re done!

Are you cool with that?


Well we have got just the ticket for you big man! We have two experiences for you. Both are in Sydney and you get to have access to a small fleet of supercars worth more than two million big ones for the day!

The difference is in the price. But to learn more about this manly day out with your mate, you need to get over to our online store.

And get in before your missus books you in to go shopping for a new pink doona cover for the bedroom!

Meanwhile Wills, our operations bloke, hasn’t been seen revving it up at Albert Park lately, but has been know to play with a set of Hot Wheels cars 🙂

So get on over to our online store today big fella and get back in touch with your grrgh!

Oh and one last thing – share this experience offer with your other mates too.

Cheers fuckers.

The blokes at Aussie Blokes Stuff.