Rally Driving Experience, Colo Heights (Sydney) – 3 Hot Laps

Rally Driving Experience | 3 Hot Laps | Aussie Bloke Stuff

G’day Rev Head! How the devil are you? Firstly, are you bored with the everyday rut of life? And secondly, would you like to get strapped into a rally car and experience 3 hot laps? In this case, what you need is a rally driving experience!

So, the 2016 World Rally Championship 2016 is well under way. And there have been many winners so far:


At the present time, Red Bull with their VW Polo and Hyundai Motorsport with their i20’s are dominating the WRC.

It’s exciting stuff as the WRC takes the stage in Wales this week and Coffs Harbour, Australia next month!

So are you going to be there?

Now Luke, our marketing bloke, hasn’t been known to put pedal to the metal but has been seen playing with his Scalextric set a few times lately 🙂

If you love the WRC or anything rally driving, I have a couple of questions for you…

  1. Have you ever fancied being a WRC Champion?
  2. Would a rally car experience be exciting?

How’d you like to experience being in a rally car, whilst sitting next to a pro driver?

Let’s say a Subaru Impreza WRX or a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo for example?

Driving at high speed down a gravel track, drifting around the next right-hand, followed by a handbrake turn at the next hairpin!

Well, now you can!

Brought To You by Aussie Bloke Stuff, Rally Driving Sydney – 3 Hot Laps

You can experience the thrills and spills of a drive in a rally car, next to a pro rally driver.

How cool would that be hey mate?

This is exciting!

Take a look at this to wet your rally driving appetite!

That’s pretty awesome, right?

Hold on tight for an amazing Rally Ride! You will have three white-knuckle laps of a purpose built rally circuit with a pro rally driver at the wheel!

So get ready for a real wild ride!

You can experience what it’s like to be in the co driver’s seat of an Australian Rally Championship spec rally car, with an Adrenalin packed, Rally Hot Laps experience!

  • 3 awesome Hot Laps
  • Full safety Gear

Once safely strapped into a four-point racing harness the Rally Pro will take off and the pedal will be to the metal for the whole three laps.

You don’t need any skill to enjoy this awesome rally experience – all you have to do is to book in and have the ride of your life!

So does this all sound like a hell of an adventure and a great deal?


Then get on over to our online store now and book in TODAY!