OZtrail Splitting Axe – Don’t Go Camping without Yours

OZtrail Splitting Axe

Hey tough guy! How’re ya doing? So you like to get out with the wife and kids and have a weekend in the bush! Maybe meet up with your best friends and their kids too! And you don’t do it posh style right? Non of this cheating bullshit way of living in the bush for a few nights right? Nah – you like to do it properly don’t you! The way we used to do it – ROUGH and TOUGH!I mean, what’s the point in going rough if you have your dinner cooked on a gas barbeque right? Where’s the Bear Grylls in that! The pansies! You’re a better man than that right? You want to be prepared with an axe splitter!

When that Zombie Appocalypse happens, you don’t want to starve to death because you ran out of gas!

And besides, you can’t drag a 4 burner around everywhere you go now can you? That just wouldn’t be very Rambo of you would it? 🙂

So you like to get out there and do it rough like a real bloke don’t you! A real hunter and collector!

You’re going to do it like a boss and gather the wood together from the fallen tree branches and other dry stuff that nature gives you!


But what if the branches and stuff are way to big and you need to break it up so it’s easier to burn? You’re going to need something that you can pack in your survival pack that’s not too big or heavy right?

Well us blokes here at ABS are with you mate and we have just the thing you’re looking for. Just what you’re going to need to take with you on the next camping trip away.

Introducing Our OZtrail Splitting Axe!

This is perfect mate.

The OZtrail Splitting Axe will make short work of tough Australian hardwood! It is only 900mm long from top to bottom. And this axe is ideal to create those outdoor camping fires or a bonfire in the backyard. You could probably take care of some of those zombies too 🙂

The extra-long 800mm handle will reduce all forms of strain whilst chopping, and features a drop forged head.

The splitting axe will give you the perfect cut with it’s precision ground blade. The axe is also supplied with a rubber protector, which is perfect to stop little Jonny losing a finger or too. The handle of the axe is made from quality fibreglass with an ergo rubber handle.

So it’s light weight, compact and cuts through hardwood like its butter. I mean fuck, even Wills from operations could do it! He’s not been known to chop up wood, but he does like making models with match sticks 😀

Finally, you’re going to look like the father of all tough blokes out camping with this great splitting axe from OzTrail!

So big guy, get on over to our shop and get yours today before Bear Grylls does and steals your thunder!