Drive 10 Laps & Get 2 Hot Laps in a V8 off Road Buggy

off road buggy

Hey, tough guy! Are you good? Are you feeling a little weak in your 7-seat SUV lately? So how would you like to get off road and muddy for a change? And get a bit of high-speed adrenaline going? Have you ever considered a hot lap or two in a V8 off road buggy? Well, now you can!

The blokes here at Aussie Bloke Stuff, we know you like a bit of off-road action, right? Those mountain climbing buggy clips certainly get your attention!

So we thought you’d like to have a go and drive a real off road buggy! Now how cool would that be, hey? Now our operations bloke isn’t known to go out racing a V8 off road buggy. We have seen him playing with his boy’s remote control off road buggy in the back yard!

Now that’s a bit piss weak, isn’t it? 🙂

We think you’re ready to step up a little bit more than that and give this experience a go!

So watch this video and check out what we’re proposing for you!

Now that looks a shit load of fun, right?

This crazy mofo of an event takes place at Colo Heights, Sydney. And of course, it is the NUMBER ONE off road experience in Sydney right now!

So are you ready to set the dust flying with this amazing Off Road V8 Race Buggy Drive and Ride Experience!

YOU DRIVE for 10 laps, also followed by two awesome Hot Laps in the passenger seat.

Off Road Buggy Event

It’s time to set the dust flying with this awesome Off Road V8 Race Buggy Drive and Ride Experience! Prepare to be amazed by the performance of these awesome Race Buggies powered by a 4 liter Lexus V8 engine.

  • YOU drive for 10 laps
  • 2 full on Hot Laps
  • Expert tuition
  • 4L Lexus V8 engine
  • 5 speed Renault gearbox
  • 15-inch BTR rims with Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ’s
  • Power-assisted rack and pinion steering

You will get a full safety briefing from a professional. He’ll be  guiding you from the passenger seat every step of the way! After 10 laps of drive time learning how to handle these V8 beasts you’ll be kicking up some serious dust. And you’ll be drifting around corners and may even get some air time!

How cool!

Then, just when you think you’ve mastered off road racing you jump into the passenger seat. And the pro shows you how it’s REALLY done with two unbelievable Hot Laps!

But best of all these Buggies are REAL RACE VEHICLES! And they’re racing these competitively in Extreme Off Road and Desert Races all over Australia.

So hold on tight because this is going to be one ride you won’t forget in a hurry!


This event scores 4.0 on the “Intensity meter”.

So what this means is that it is Awesome 🙂

It’s getting to the pointy end. Heights, speed, endurance or a combination of all form part of this adventure. To put it another way, be prepared to be challenged both physically and mentally. Bring that ‘can do’ attitude and maybe a change of clothes.

You’re about to get a taste of Serious Fun!

So big fella. Are you sick of reading about this and just want to have your place locked and loaded?

Then what are you waiting for? Get on over to our booking portal now!