Unlimited Laser Skirmish and 10 Pin Bowling

laser skirmish and 10 pin bowling

Hey, there top bloke. How the bloody hell are you? How’s life going? All good? Do you need some time out with your hard ass mates? A bit of fun, some male bonding and time away from the missus? How about some unlimited laser skirmish and 10 pin bowling in Melbourne?

So you’re working hard, right? Life just seems to be one Groundhog day after another. You get up, you go to work, you come home and go to bed.

The weekends are all you live for. Some fishing or camping maybe. Or maybe weekends are all about taxing the kids all over the place. Another weekend of the kids swimming competitions, gymnastics or whatever else they’re into.

So you do your thing. And you’re an awesome dad. You work hard so that your kids can do all the things they’re doing!

But when did it all become so hard for you to have a bit of time for just you and your best mates? Sometimes that didn’t involve the kids or the missus?

Do you want to have an adult conversation from time to time? You’d like to just let your hair down and piss fart around without worrying about the kids being in the way.

Well, how about this. It’s for you and your mates!

Get ready for an evening of UNLIMITED FUN! A night of unlimited laser skirmish and 10 pin bowling!

That’s right you can enjoy as much 10 pin bowling and laser skirmish as you can fit between 7:00PM and close!

Grab some mates and let the games begin!

So why not kick off the night with as many games of 10 Pin Bowling that you and your mates can handle. Grab a few beers, maybe some hot chips and hot dogs. Talk shit and perfect your bowling action to your heart’s content.

And when you’ve had enough of bowling, turn your attention to Laser Skirmish. Laser Skirmish, if you’re not familiar with it, is a combat game, like Paintball. But instead of shooting balls of paint at your mates, infrared lasers tag you. So if you fancy yourself as a combat veteran in a war zone, here’s your chance!

Each game of Laser Skirmish lasts 15 minutes. For bowling, you should generally allow 10 minutes per person per game. Each lane can take up to 6 players.

This is an awesome way to celebrate a birthday, bond with your team or just have a laugh with your mates.

The venue takes place in the heart of Melbourne. This great night out is available Sunday to Wednesday from 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM only.

Now, Will our marketing bloke isn’t known to have hit the bowling allies lately. But he does like to enjoy a Margarita from time to time when the kids have gone to bed!

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So what do you say, big fella? Are you ready to have a bit of “me” time with your best mates? Are you going to give yourself the night off from the usual rat race and have some fun?

It’s time to get your posse together and book yourself in for a night of fun right away.

So get on over to our online store to book your night of Unlimited Laser Skirmish and 10 Pin Bowling today!