Funny T-Shirts for Aussie Blokes

funny t-shirts

G’Day bloke. What’s happening, big fella? So summer is on the way and what better time to renew your collection of T-Shirts. But not any old T-Shirt. Something to get a smile on your buddies faces or anybody who walks by on the street! We’re talking about funny t-shirts!

At Aussie Bloke Stuff we have got some ripper funny t-shirts for you that we think you’ll love too!

We all love a joke or two don’t we?

And we all love a bit of camping and fishing. From time to time guys are known to enjoy a beer or two 🙂

So if Ned Kelly is your thing, we have the crime-stopping Tee just for you!

There are many married guys out there or at least in a serious relationship. And they pretend that they hate it with their mates don’t they, but they get home to the missus and it’s a different story hey?

So whatever your thing, why not celebrate that with comical, tear jerking funny t-shirts from Aussie Blokes Stuff?

Aussie Bloke Stuff now have thirty-four Tees with a variety of hilarious prints, that are guaranteed to get a chuckle or two down at the pub!

Take for example our…

Fishing Excuses T-Shirt!

What’s more annoying than spending a day out on the boat fishing and coming back empty handed? Do you struggle to think of an excuse when you come back empty handed?

No worries.

This funny Fishing Excuses T-shirt will have you covered…

Fishing Excuses T-ShirtI used the wrong bait.
I passed a pub on the way.
I lost my lucky worm.
It’s called fishing not catching.
The fish are getting smarter.
Someone scared them all off.
All the good spots were taken.
It was too cloudy.
It was too windy.
It was too sunny.
My wife put a hex on me.
I used the wrong tackle.
The one that got away was at least a record!

Wills over in operations hasn’t been known to catch any big fish lately. Maybe he should get one of these Tees 🙂


Why not celebrate his big day with a “Game Over” Tee?

Treat the best mate who recently married to a t-shirt declaring how his life is about to change!

Game Over T-ShirtHis missus will love you for it 🙂










Love Beer?

Why not declare your love of beer with an “I Only Drink Beer” T-Shirt, which declares to all that you only drink beer on days ending with Y!

Seems fair dinkum to me 🙂I Only Drink Beer T-Shirt











Fishing And Work!

Love fishing and hate working? Don’t we all haha! There’s a T-Shirt with your name on it!

Work Is For Those Who Can't Fish T-Shirt












There’s something for all you here at Aussie Bloke Stuff. We know you don’t like those poncey brands worn by those city guys down at the wine bar. The wussies! You want something to show off your blokeyness right?

So then big fella! Get on over to our T-Shirt store today and grab yourself a funny t-shirt before stocks run out.

And give your mates a laugh or two this weekend!