Black & Decker 1300W Circular Saw for Aussie Blokes

Circular Saw | Black & Decker 1300W KS1300-XE | Aussie Bloke Stuff

G’Day bloke! How are you going, top man! So do you love to get in touch with your blokey side and make stuff? You love to get out in the man cave and turn wood into, well, stuff, don’t you? If you’re going to make stuff then you’re going to need some power tools aren’t you mate. You’re going to need a circular saw!

It’s always very rewarding when you make your own stuff. Sometimes that flatpack crap just doesn’t cut it does it? It solves a problem for a little while, but soon enough it starts to look shabby. The quality just isn’t the same as that a master craftsman like you could make!

So it’s time to start getting back in touch with your inner carpenter and your cabinet maker. It’s time to get creative and clever with our hands again, don’t you think?

The blokes here at Aussie Bloke Stuff know you guys like to make shit with your own bare hands and that’s why we know you’ll love this.

We have on offer for you today a…

Black & Decker 1300W Circular Saw – KS1300-XE

This is now ordinary saw, it’s a Black & Decker!

With a massive 1300 Watts of power, this little ripper will have you cutting through lumps of Tasmanian Oak like it’s butter!

And with its 184mm cutting blade, you’ve got an ample cutting depth of 65mm.

The Black & Decker 1300W circular saw is easy to use. With its rise and fall design, you can set the cutting depth. This is great for when you need to cut a slot into your work.

The safety lock-off design prevents accidents. Even little Johhny can stay safe. Your projects will be a breeze from now on!

And this little ripper is capable of 45-degree bevel cuts. This is perfect for those occasions when you need to miter cut the wood for 90-degree angle joints. Construct picture frames, box sections and cabinet making, it’s all quick and easy.

If you have one of those workshop vacuum cleaners, the Black & Decker 1300W has a dust port that you can connect the vacuum cleaner too.

Don’t waste time sweeping up all the wood cuttings and dust when you can send it straight to the vacuum cleaner.

So whether you’re making picture frames, hardwood furniture or a deck for the back of the house, you’re all sorted to go.

Included in the box is a 24 Tooth TCT blade. So now you can rip straight into the lump of wood and start creating your grand design.

Luke hasn’t been seen with any power tools lately unless you class a hair dryer as a power tool. Hang on a minute, Luke hasn’t got any hair.  🙂

The mind boggles haha!

So big fella, if you’re looking for a great new circular saw, then get on over to our store today and grab yourself a little ripper before supplies run dry!