Get your Batdad on with a Batman Apron from Aussie Bloke Stuff

Batman Apron

G’Day fuckers. So how the bloody hell are you? Let me ask you, do you love rustling up some hot and spicy Batwings out in your Batcave? Then look no further as our Batman Apron is just what you need!

Now I know you dads like to do your Batdad impressions, don’t you! 🙂 And the kids, well, they don’t see the funny side do they, but you get a good laugh, right? Even wifey might crack a slight smile now and then, but mostly shakes her head in disbelief at you!

And Jen? Well, she’s a tough audience to crack, right? 😀

So anyway, you love to get your Batdad on in the kitchen or at the BBQ, or even down in the Batdad Cave! Cooking up a storm with your Batwings and your very own secret Batdad recipe! I’m not sure I want to know what that recipe is or what’s in it. 😀

But with all that cooking enthusiasm going on, it’s easy to get yourself all covered in Batshit. You don’t need that, and you don’t want to ruin your favourite Bat suit, do ya?

Imagine what Alfred would have to say, or even Jen for that matter. The last thing you want is them going all Two-Face on you, right?

Now, Wills, our operations bloke isn’t known to do any exciting Batman stunts. But he is occasionally seen with his sons Batman Cape on, shouting, “Robin, to the Batmobile”.

Each to their own. 😀

So, Jokers aside, the blokes here at Aussie Bloke Stuff have got TWO great Batman Apron offerings for you!

Batman Apron and Oven Mitt Set in Canister

So firstly is our Batman Apron and Oven Mitt Set in Canister. It’s exactly what it says on the tin or the canister 🙂

Batman Apron

Be a superhero in the kitchen with this apron and oven mitt set. Comes in a canister and make a great gift for a DC comic fan.

Look the part as you rustle up the family favourite of Batwings, seasoned with your Batdad secret recipe! Never get a single splash of Batshit on you ever again as this Batman Apron repels all cooking enemies.

BBQ Batman Apron

Secondly, we have our Batman Apron.

Batman Apron

You’ve watched the movie, read the comics, now transform into Batman with this superhero apron. And you never know, Jen might be drooling with those ripped abs and black budgie smugglers. Or Alfred!!

Who am I to judge haha. 🙂

So, here you have it. Aussie Bloke Stuff has got two great Batdad ideas for you this festive season, to cater for all of your cooking and BBQ needs.

Get your superhero on and never get Batshit down your favourite boardies and T’shirt ever again!

So if you’re ready to leap into action and get your Batman Apron today, get yourself over Aussie Bloke Stuff now!