Bar Fridge for the Aussie Man Cave

Bar Fridge for the Aussie Man Cave

Hey there Big Guy! How’s it hanging? So you’ve got your man cave out back, in the spare room, or in the garage. Also, you’ve got your bar rigged up for the mates and that old fridge in the corner. But, it’s not very sexy, is it? Are you thirsty for a Retro style Bar Fridge to man up your man cave even more?

So the man cave is a blokes retreat, to get away from shit and to have some man time. But equally important, its there to get your best buds over for a few beers, talk shit and have a bit of fun, right?

Your man cave is where your Texas Hold ‘Em nights take place, your Pool nights, Darts or games nights.

Maybe your man cave is a work in progress. Or perhaps it’s just the way you want it.

Whilst wifey tends to have the last word when it comes to the rest of the house, your man cave is a “wifey no-go zone”, right?

It’s your personal space.

You get to hang whatever shit you want on the walls right and put whatever stuff in there that you want?

And that’s the way it should be, right fella? 🙂

Now Wills over in operations hasn’t been known to hang out in man caves lately.

But he is trying to get permission for one right now from his missus. Good luck Will 🙂

No matter how happy  you are with your man cave, there’s always room for something new or for some improvement right?

Whatever you get up to in your man cave, I’m willing to bet that beer is involved from time to time hey?

And for some of you, that may like to glam up your man cave a little, that old fridge from the kitchen may not be cutting the mustard!

Well here at Aussie Bloke Stuff, we get your dissatisfaction brother! And that’s why we blokes think you’ll love this retro bar fridge by none other than SMEG!

Check this out!

SMEG Retro Bar Fridge (FAB10HRNE)

As a matter of fact, this fridge is simply stunning and is sure to impress your mates at your next poker night!

It is a 1950’s retro style aesthetic look. The measurements are:

960mm H x 543mm W x 680mm D.

This awesome fridge has a very blokey black finish, perfectly complementing the Playstation and LED TV 🙂

There’s plenty of room for all your favorite beverages with a cool 135-liter capacity. Getting all your different stubbies, cans and bottles into the fridge is too easy. There are 6 shelf heights to optimise your set up!

Don’t waste time with defrosting this fridge! The SMEG Retro Bar Fridge has an automatic defrost function and an adjustable thermostat.

So now you can rest assured your beer will be just at the right temperature – bloody cold 🙂

And with its climate switch and tropical rating, you can rest assured that your fridge will continue to perform. Even when your man cave turns into the sweat box from hell.

Some other notable stuff about this awesome bar fridge…

It’s got an interior light 🙂
It’s pretty quiet with a noise rating of just 35 dBA.
R600a — 0.0350kg refrigerant

Standard Inclusions

1 x bottle shelf (4 bottle capacity)

2 x adjustable can holders (10 can capacity)

1 x dairy shelf

2 x quick chill crystal glass shelving

3 x door shelving compartments

Warranty – two years parts and labor!

Then Get Your Retro Bar Fridge in the Man Cave Today!

I have to admit, this a great looking retro style bar fridge and SMEG have come up with the goods! So much so that I want it too!

So to get your sticky fingers on one of these before I do, get on over to our shop today and man up your man cave even more!