Abseiling Forward Run For Aussie Blokes

Abseiling Forward Run For Aussie Blokes

Hey, there tough guy! How are you farckin going today hey? Question: when was the last time you did something that scared you? It’s pretty exhilarating, isn’t it? Man you know you’re alive and living when you do something crazy like that. So how about doing something you might not have done before? Like forward run abseiling down the side of a building? How scary but typically you, would that little adventure be hey?

So if you’re not a hundred per cent sure what forward run abseiling is, or if you need a gentle push, watch this clip…


That’s f’ing awesome right?

Now Luke over in marketing hasn’t been known to do anything too scary lately like abseiling. But he has been known to watch Scary Movie. And Scary Movie 2 and 3…

Brave guy 🙂

So anyway, forward run abseiling!

Get Your Abseiling Adventure Pass Now

At Aussie Bloke Stuff we know you boys like an adrenaline rush from time to time, don’t you!

And so the blokes here at Aussie Bloke Stuff have got just the experience for you to scare yourself shitless.

Have you ever watched an action packed movie like Mission Impossible, where Ethan Hawke is running down the side of a building?

Ever thought to yourself, man I wish I could do that?

Well, now you can 🙂

Because here in Melbourne, on the fringes of the CBD, you get to explore your inner action man. Your playground awaits you, my friend.

Every participant is expertly coached by a team of professionals every step of the way. From stepping foot on the roof to taking the first steps down the side.

They will teach you all the moves and techniques so that your experience stays with you a lifetime.

Safety is paramount and these guys ensure that everybody has the maximum level of fun, whilst remaining safe at all times. Simply strap in and worry about how awesome you really are!

Once you’re ready and your coach is happy that all the boxes have been checked, you finally get to take your first brave steps.

Bonus Features

And here’s the best part. You’ll get to run head first down the side of a building 5 times! Clipped to your safety helmet is a Go Pro camera. So you’ll get to record and keep your amazing adventure for your viewing pleasure for years to come. And that’s not all!

You’ll also receive a T-shirt to show off to your hard ass mates too!

So let’s recap what you’re in for…

Run head first down the side of a building in Melbourne CBD in this amazing forward abseil rappelling experience. 5 jumps. Every customer get’s a GoPro HD footage of their experience. And a free T-shirt is included!

Does this sound bloody amazing or what big fella?

Great 🙂

So now you’re ready, get on over to adventure HQ and buy this amazing experience from our online store now!

See you there!