4 Part Adventure Experience for Blokes

4 Adventure Passport – Melbourne: Abseiling, Rock Climbing, Caving & White Water Kayaking

Hey, bloke! How the fuck are ya? So is life a little dull right now or are you needing something to take the adventure bar to the next level? Then you’re looking for an outdoor adventure experience right bloke?

Life can be a little stale from time to time hey mate? You work hard, you do your best to be a top bloke for your wife and kids. You’re there for your mates! And you play hard when you can, some fishing, camping, surfing, water skiing or kitesurfing.

But despite all this, you want to try something you’ve never done before, but you’re not sure what right? You want some kind of adventure to really push your blokey boundaries out even further yeah?

Well, tough guy -we have just the thing for you. Why not try a…

4 Adventure Passport

Us blokes here at Aussie Bloke Stuff, we know you love an adventure or two! There’s something about doing extreme stuff and taking risks, that makes us feel alive. I mean really alive! And that’s why you’ll love this. It is the perfect getaway for blokes who want to experience what Victoria’s great outdoors has to offer.

You will get to experience…


Get in touch with your inner Rambo. Experience what it’s like to get rigged up with ropes and a harness and descend down a rugged rock face. Live life on the edge for a moment and abseil like a special ops soldier behind enemy lines.

Rock Climbing

Now that you made it to the bottom, it’s time to go back to the top. Learn the skills of a rock climber and dig out your Ethan Hawke as you take on mission impossible.


Discover the thrill of going underground with a caving adventure. Descend into the ground to explore underground caves. Experience the thrill of maneuvering through sub terrain and negotiating water. Descend and make it back safely to the surface all with expert guidance.

White Water Kayaking

Release your adrenalin and get in touch with your wild side. Furthermore, experience the thrill of the moment as you tackle white water rapids in a kayak.


So adventures don’t get better than this right?

Meanwhile, Wills over in marketing hasn’t been seen to go on any adventures lately. But he does love a spot of sup boarding out on the mill pond from time to time. He might even climb the stairs to bed at the end of the day 🙂

So if you’re mad for a day of outdoor adventure and you want to push yourself to your limits a little more, give this experience a go today!

To book your place now or to learn more about this sensational experience, head on over to our site right now.

Until then bug guy, hang tough my friend!