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OZtrail Splitting Axe – Don’t Go Camping without Yours

OZtrail Splitting Axe

Hey tough guy! How’re ya doing? So you like to get out with the wife and kids and have a weekend in the bush! Maybe meet up with your best friends and their kids too! And you don’t do it posh style right? Non of this cheating bullshit way of living in the bush for a few nights right? Nah – you like to do […]

Why Go Shopping When You Can Stay at Home?

Why Go Shopping When You Can Stay at Home?

Hey bloke! Firstly, how’s it going? Hey, are you bloody sick of going out to the mall shopping with the missus? Furthermore, do you hate being dragged around all those womens shops? Finally, the thought of going to the mall for something you need is not at all exciting for you either. We feel your pain brother!